Privacy Statement

  1. Areas Covered By This Statement
    1. This statement outlines HBS’s policy relating to the usage of information gathered about HBS Customers. This covers information collected by any means of communication between Customers and ourselves. HBS will not use this information in any way that breaches the Data Protection Act or any other UK legislation covering personal information.
  2. What Information We Collect
    1. General
      We collect only the information that we need in order that we can provide you with the Service you have bought from us.
    2. Contact information
      This comprises your name, address, phone and email details necessary to contact you for matters concerning the Service that you have bought from us.
    3. Web logs
      When you log on to any web site (whether it is a HBS website or a website belonging to anyone else) there may be a log entry generated for every item that you download from the site. This includes the web page and any graphic elements on the page. HBS does not extract any personal information from these logs nor does it divulge any of the data in the logs to third parties.
    4. Cookies
      A cookie is a small piece of information that can be sent from a website to your browser and stored on your computer when you visit a site. Generally cookies are used to track repeat visits from customers or may be used in some shopping sites. The HBS website does not generate cookies.
  3. Sharing Your Information With Third Parties
    1. 1. Simply put, we don’t share your information unless it is necessary to do so to provide you with the Service you have purchased. For example, if you buy a domain name through HBS it is necessary for us to inform the domain name registry authorities of your name and contact details. This information can appear on the "WHOIS" server and will be available on the Internet. By ordering such a service your are deemed to have given your consent for the transfer of personal information detailed in paragraph 2.2. If you do not wish your details to be made public, please contact us.
    2. We do not share your information with third parties for marketing or other similar purposes.
    3. Otherwise, the Company will only disclose your Personal Information if:
      1. The Company has to conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process;
      2. The Company has to protect and defend the rights or property of HBS; or
      3. The Company has to enforce the Contract.
  4. Accuracy Of Your Information
    1. The accuracy of the information that we hold is important for smooth communication between HBS and its customers. If you believe or suspect that the information we hold may be in error in any way, please email to [email protected] giving the changes in information necessary.
  5. Security Of Your Information
    1. We keep the information we have about you secure. We will not divulge this information unless under the terms stated in our Common Terms and Conditions. We will not divulge this information to any individual unless we are reasonably certain of the person’s identity.

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